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North and South Korea together


In 2000 :The thunderous applause which greeted the delegations from North and South Korea at the Olympic games in Australia 2000 as they marched together hand in hand, was not only a great moment in the world's history, but also in the hearts of hundreds of thousands veterans of the Korean war there was an immense relief and satisfaction. When somewhat later the first exchanges occurred for the first time between both Korea's, many veterans will realize that their contribution to arrive at this event has not been in vain. For the Belgian veterans who are still alive and the relatives of the KIA and deceased members of the corps of Volunteers for Korea were emotional moments to.

In 2002 :

Reunification friendly :Koreas gear up for rare North-South football match.Thumbnail

Players of both teams with flag of reunification!!



In 2004 :



"Two days ago, South and North Korea reached a final agreement (...). Ιn Athens, South and North will walk into the Olympic Stadium together, hand in hand".

North, South Korea will march together in Athens

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — In a show of reconciliation between two old foes, the South and North Korean Olympic teams will march together again at the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics.

The two teams will enter the Olympic Stadium on Friday under the same flag — a blue image of the Korean Peninsula on a white background — and to the tune of the Korean folk song Arirang, South Korea's Olympic committee said. The official name of the teams during the march will be "Korea," although the North and South will compete separately for medals.

The two Koreas entered under the same "unification flag" in four previous international sporting events, including the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The flag-bearers at the march in Athens will be a female athlete from South Korea and a male athlete from North Korea. Around 290 athletes from the South and 36 from the North will participate in the Athens Games.



Letter of gratitude Letter of the president of the republic of South - Korea




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Berugis number one Thumbnail


This is what the South-Koreans called us Belgians in their own vernacular. They had a lot of respect for the way we acted, our good will and also because we considered them as human equals, the soldiers in the battalion as well as those we came across in different ways.

The American division to which The Belgian - Luxemburg battalion were attached had nothing but praise and admiration for the courage, heroism and the dedication of the Belgian military.

This website is made as a tribute to all comrades in arms in the Far East who represented our country during five years in the fight for freedom. Korea was a country that was devastated by the war, with a murderous climate and a terrain that was mountainous, difficult and dangerous. The enemy was fanatic and often without compassion. The battalion, not forgetting our Luxemburg comrades, was know for its unflinchThumbnailing comradeship and a special esprit de corps between wallons and flemings. But let us not forget in the first place that they all volunteered to serve and upkeep the peace in the world. Sometimes individual honors and awards are mentioned. I hope that those who aren't mentioned hold me no grudge. They are so numerous that I couldn't take note of all of them.

The originator of this website, Jan Dillen is born in 1932, and was a second lieutenant with nr 2 Platoon, B Company and served with the volunteer battalion from 1953-1955.(16 months in Korea). He is very proud to have been able to served in this crack battalion. The commitment of ALL the members, before and after the cease-fire, was directed at serving the United Nations and maintain thehonor of their country. The cold reception at their return to the home country and especially the difficult integration in the Army or the society caused a lot of hurtled feelings.

This website cannot equal the professional sites, but he has built it all by himself. As a man of the third age, he had to learn everything, starting from scratch, as he knew nothing about computers 10 years ago. It is a mixture of authentic documents, quoted article and reminiscences of ex-servicemen


With gratitude to the veterans :



Honorary Colonel Marc Watthé for the translation into French.





-Padre Vander Goten for his outstanding photo's.





- Cdt (ret.) Frank Huber for the translation into English.





Frans Van de Poel



Cor Feyt, conservator of the museum house who participated in 3 battles in Korea




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And at last my grandson Yannick who did all the typing and the other one Matthias Dillen for motivating their grand-father.

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