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Operation Moonlight 24-25 July 1952.

The operations mentioned in the page "activities " belongs to the history of the Belgian Battalion in Korea as the missions to be carried out on orders from the American  Army command. They were of great strategic importance. These missions were very dangerous and many Belgians were wounded and several others killed in action. Their heroic actions therefore merit a place on this website. The hill known as BEANS plays an important role in two operations and will remain a painful memory to the Belgians.



The operation "Moonlight" was carried out by the C Company, led by Captain GENIS. The objective was the hill known as BEANS again, occupied by the Chinese with to important bunkers. Two platoons would assault frontally while a third platoon would attack from the right. After the preparatory fire from the American artillery, the platoon  Lieutenant de Buck attacked. Just when the platoon came within 10 yards from the objective, a grenade exploded and wounded 5 of his men. They withdrew, as no friendly troops were on the left flank and again suffered three KIA and nine wounded while the platoon of lieutenant GARNIER progressed further and attacked the bunker. Due to heavy enemy mortar fire they had to withdraw also. The Chinese even fired on their own positions. The operation was stopped and the whole company got back in its own position around five o' clock in the morning, having had 3 KIA, 16 WIA an 1MIA. The enemy had also paid a heavy toll. The division commander himself arrived on the position on the morning of the 25th to congratulate the company commander and the the men of C Company. A few  days later Captain GENIS was presented with the SOLDIER'S Medal




Killed in action

DECKERS  G           Sdt      25/07/52        KOJAK-KOL  
DEVOS O.                   Sdt       25/07/52        KOJAK-KOL
VAN WOENSEL A    Sdt      25/07/52        KOJAKKOL





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De soldier 's Medal:

Lieutenant Genis is awarded the following distinction by the President of the United States :
Member of the Belgian Battalion in Korea under the UN Command, has distinguished himself by his courageous and determined actions during the night of December 3rd 1951 at NALGUN DONG. Lt GENIS led his platoon through a minefield here a friendly patrol was stopped, suffering many causalities. Aided by  Pvt VANBECELAERE  he worked his way through the minefield. After one hour in complete darkness, he rendered al the mines safe and thus led the patrol safely back to the lines. This heroic action warrants great admiration for himself and also the Belgian Army